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NO COMMISSIONS CHARGED FOR ALL CONSIGNMENTS!   Visit our Consigners Page, or view a printable PDF of the form.

Bidding Rules

NEW RULE PREVENTS SNIPING:   ALL HI BIDS received in a lot's last ten minutes AUTOMATICALLY EXTEND the lot's end time to the bid time PLUS 10 MINUTES.   Increasing your own max bid does NOT reset the clock.

Other than that, bidding works just like on EBAY auctions, in that your bid is recorded at the amount you selected, then lowered to the MINIMUM AMOUNT NEEDED TO ACHIEVE HI BIDDER STATUS.

  • When there are no other bidders, your bid amount is set to the lot's minimum bid amount.
  • When there are other bidders, your bid is set to the lot's current hi bid amount PLUS the incrementor.

The one exception to this is when your bid equals a previous bidders' hi bid amount. In these cases, the FIRST BID IN is awarded the bid at the current hi bid amount (the incrementor is not added).

Charitable Giving

Consigners can now donate some of their proceeds to their favorite charity.   Choose a percentage or dollar amount... it's up to you.

Did You Know?

Our STORE has the same categories as our Auction? Visit it.