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 I am buying cards...

I am always buying Pre-War cards

Let me know what cards you have available for sale using the form below.  I am especially interested in buying the following cards:

  • 19th Century Cards (N-series) - any condition - including N172 Old Judge, N28/N29/N43 Allen and Ginter, N284 Buchner Gold Coin, N175 Gypsy Queen, N300 Mayo's Cut Plug, All Cabinet cards
  • Caramel Cards (E-series) - any condition - including American Caramel (E90-1, E90-2, E90-3, E120, E121, E122, E106 and E125), E97 Briggs, E94 George Close Candy, 1914-15 Cracker Jack (E145), E92 Dockman, E92 Croft's Candy or Cocoa, Nadja Caramels (E92 and E104), E220 National Caramel, Philadelphia Caramels (E95 and E96), E93 Standard Caramel, E210 York Caramel, E103 Williams Caramel and Anonymous Issues (E98, E101 and 102).
  • Tobacco Cards (T-series) - any condition - including T205 Gold Border, T206 White Border, T207 Brown Background, T201 Mecca Double Folder, T202 Hassan Triple Folder, T204 Ramly, T3 Turkey Red Cabinets, T5 Pinkerton Cabinets, T213 Coupon Cigarettes, T216 Kotton and T216 Mino.
  • Bakery Issues (D-series) - any condition - D380 Clement Bros Bread, D322 Tip Top Pirates, D304 Brunners Bread, D304 General Baking, D304 Butter Krust, D303 General Baking
  • Newspaper Issues (M-series) - any condition - M116 Sporting Life, W601 Sporting Life Team Composites, Sporting News (M101-4, M101-5, All back variations and Supplements)
  • Exhibits - VG or better - 1921 through 1939
  • Postcards - GOOD or better - 1907 Dietsche Tigers and Cubs, PC786 Sepia, PC805 Novelty Cutlery, 1908-9 Rose Company, 1907 Grignon Cubs, PC758 Max Stein, Any Other Pre-War Issue
  • Ice Cream Issues - GOOD or better - 1928 Harrington's, 1928 Tharp's and 1928 Yuengling's
  • Goudeys - GOOD or better - 1933 through 1941
  • Diamond Stars - GOOD or better - 1934 through 1936
  • Batter-Up - GOOD or better - 1934 through 1936
  • Play Balls and Double Play - GOOD or better - 1939 through 1941
  • Bowmans - GOOD or better - 1948 through 1955
  • Topps - 1950s - VG or better - 1951 through 1959
  • Topps - 1960s - EXCELLENT (EX) or better - 1960 through 1969
  • Topps - 1970s - EX/MT or better - 1971 through 1975

Enter the cards you want to sell and click Send Email. Thanks!
(All information you give is COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIARY, and will always remain so.)