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 Why Baggers Auctions?

Why Baggers?

From personal experience with our webstore, we believe that Internet sales of baseball cards will continue to increase as a percentage of the overall baseball card sales.   We also believe that the quality merchandise is either moving off of Ebay or is being lost in Ebay among modern reprints, single card set breaks, and entire dealer inventory sales that all end within a few minutes.   We believe over the next 5+ years the most significant increase in the internet sales of baseball cards will be through Webstores and Private Auctions.

  • We will strive to be the most Fair and Honest Auction Company.   We believe our integrity is our most valuable asset.
  • We will leverage our knowledge built through 10 years of selling on Ebay (Bagger77), 7 years of selling on our private Webstore, and 25 years of selling at card shows.
  • We want to be the most Consignor Friendly auction in the industry.   WE PAY CONSIGNORS ABOVE THE HAMMER PRICE ON EVERY LOT.   Each consignor will receive +2.5% minimum on every consignment.   Furthermore, any consignor who consigns over $2500 worth of items (based on their Minimum Bid Amounts) will receive +5% on their consignment group.   In other words, if your item sells for a $1000 hammer price, you don't have to subtract to calculate your Net... instead you get to ADD at least 2.5% to arrive at a net of at least $1025 (and maybe $1050 if you consigned more than $2500 worth of items!)
  • We do not produce EXPENSIVE catalogs... so you're not paying for THAT expense.   WE DO display multiple high quality pictures with honest and accurate descriptions -- void of the usual hyperbole found throughout the hobby world.
  • We provide a customized auction software solution that takes (in our opinion) the best parts of existing auction sites along with new creative ideas to develop a more usable and robust auction site.

What we have changed?

Problem: Going to bed at 2:00 am Eastern time not sure if you have won any of the lots you're bidding on.
Solution: Our auctions end on a staggered Lot by Lot basis.  See the Auction Rules for details.

Problem: Auction companies that only accept checks and money orders for private auctions.
Solution: We will be accepting credit cards through PAYPAL ONLY.   We feel the extra fees are more than offset by extra bidders with the payment flexibility. This only helps the Hammer price for the consignor giving them more money and allows bidders the flexibility to buy lots that they want but otherwise could not afford with their cash on hand.

Problem: Auction companies that provide extremely limited search capabilities through sometimes hundreds of lots.
Solution: Our auctions will use the same customized Category searches provided through our Webstore.   We will have categories and sub-categories for Vintage Pre-War Baseball, Vintage Baseball 1942-59, Vintage 1960s and Football cards.   We will also include categories for most sports and non-sports cards as well as entire auction inventory searches for Keywords, Rookie Cards, or Hall-Of-Famer items.

Problem: Auction companies that formally dress up at baseball card shows in suits, ties, starched slacks, etc.
Solution: When I left the Information Technology Consulting world after nearly 20 years of service, I traded in my suits for shorts and jeans and my ties for T-shirts and sweatshirts.   However, don't mistake my comfort for a lack of professionalism or customer service.

Finally, let me say that I appreciate your interest in Bagger's Auctions. I hope to do business together with you in the near future.


Dave Schrader



NO COMMISSIONS CHARGED FOR ALL CONSIGNMENTS!   Visit our Consigners Page to find out more.

Charitable Giving

Consigners can now donate some of their proceeds to their favorite charity.   Choose a percentage or dollar amount... it's up to you.

Did You Know?

Our STORE has the same categories as our Auction? Visit it.